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Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Journal is a popular beading blog boasting the largest online collection of free brick stitch bead patterns. It averages 35,000 visitors per month and growing in viewership and has over 500 free brick stitch beading patterns.
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2021, Group Exhibition, Onyx III, Envision Arts, Virtual

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Draw Doodle Style:  The Cosmos Flower
Kindle Edition, Print Edition, 26 pages
3 Jun, 2013
Draw Doodle Style:  Easy Floral Paisley Designs
Kindle Edition, 121 pages
29, Jun, 2013
Draw Doodle Style:  The Cosmic Cosmos
Kindle Edition, 24 pages
19 Nov, 2013
Draw Doodle Style-The Trumpet Flower:  Step-By-Step Drawing Instructions
Kindle Edition, 63 pages
7 Nov, 2014
Draw Doodle Style-Easy Daisy Frames and Borders:  Step by Step Drawing Instruction
Kindle Edition, 76 pages
23 Nov, 2014
How To Draw A Peacock – Three Different Ways: Draw Doodle Style Step-by-Step
Kindle Edition, 39 pages
11 Apr, 2015
Stuff on Stems and How To Draw Them: A Draw Doodle Style Inspiration Reference
Kindle Edition, 71 pages
21 Apr, 2015
Draw Doodle Style – How To Draw 20 Flowers:  Step-By-Step Drawing Instructions
Kindle Edition, 58 pages
1 May, 2015
Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Vault: 128 Fabulous Beaded Heart Earring, Charm, and Pendant Patterns
Kindle Edition, 501 pages
17 Jan, 2017

2012, Guest Instructor, Friends of the Carpenter